Commercial Fencing

Commercial Fencing Products

Commercial Fencing Products

Introduction to Commercial Fencing Products

Is it time for you to replace old and worn fencing?  Are you simply looking to give your property a makeover or upgrade on what you already have?  Do you feel like safety is a priority and you want to tighten the reigns when it comes to entry into your property? 


If you have answered yes to any of these questions then a number of fencing companies (most notably Commercial Fence Inc.) have a variety of options for you to choose from.  They will cover any needs you have for commercial, large scale barriers in various materials and with helpful additions like turnstiles, parking meters and operators to control entry.  PVC and vinyl fencing are a good option as they will give your fencing that old-time woody feel but without the perishability.

Fence Centre also has a number of options and variations on vinyl fencing for average prices.  You can get privacy panelling from Fence Centre (72x48 in white) for £174.  The 48 x 96 will set you back about £200 for each panel.  There are a few variations of this to choose from, especially if you would like detailing at the top.  You can accessorise for less than £3.10 with post caps or try privacy line and corner posts for just under £47.

Semi-Privacy Style

If you are looking for fencing that will allow you to see out into the street to some degree and won’t leave you feeling boxed in then you may want to consider the semi-private styles.  This way you can look out but others outside will not be able to see much looking in.  You can get 72 x 48 inch fencing for around £160 or opt for the larger fencing 98 x 48 for £113.  These fence pieces are characterized by thin panels of vinyl with openings in between and are perfect for residential homes and businesses.  You can also get yourself a semi-private gate to match for just over £620.  This is quite a pricey option but will offer you the perfect entrance to match your fencing.

Picket Style

For those of you who live in relatively safe, residential areas and are looking for fencing that isn’t too obvious but will still protect your home or business, then picket style fencing is a good way to go.  This is probably the most varied category with a number of variations within the picket style.  You could try the classic straight top which carries nostalgia with it from the 1950’s.  Classic, straight-top panelling goes for about £200.  You can also add accessories like corner and line posts or caps to customise your fencing to match the style and feel of your property.

Contemporary Style

If you want contemporary style panelling and are eager to keep up with the latest in home and garden trends, then pick a contemporary style to frame your garden or business.  These panels are characterised by clean lines and simplicity and are most easily available in white or cream.  You can get contemporary fencing from fencing specialists from between £40 to £50 depending on how much spacing you want between your panels.  The wider the spacing, the more appealing and contemporary the look and the price but don’t go too wide as you will begin to compromise on safety.